I'm Ranier Grantaire but call me R... or Grantaire. I'm 24 and live in the fine city of paris. if you want to get to know me ask me out for drinks, i'll probably go.
The Great Gatsby || e/R

Grantaire got his stuff together and headed for Enjolras’ house. He looked up show times for The Great Gatsby on the way to his apartment and sent a text to Enjolras when he was halfway there, “There are two more showings tonight, one in about an hour and a half and one in at midnight.”

He arrived at Enjolras’ apartment about an hour and twenty minutes before the first showing. He knocked on the door and ran a hand through his hair to make sure it wasn’t everywhere. He wasn’t as nervous as the last time he came to Enjolras’ apartment but he still felt butterflies in his stomach when Enjolras opened the door.

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    Enjolras laughed, “You’re a nerd.” He kissed Grantaire back and smiled at him, “What are you doing? I didn’t steal any...
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    Grantaire laughed and said, “You have a great sense of humor, you need to tell jokes more often.” he laughed again, “Oh...